Petition 81145

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Unacceptable Actions (81145-C1-¶164.F)

   Amend ¶ 164F:
   F) Civil Obedience and Civil Disobedience—Governments and laws...We do not encourage of condone any form of violent protest or action against anyone involved in the abortion dilemma.  protest. We do not regard the willful destruction or damage or disrespect of a nation’s flag, the vandalism of grave-sites, cross-burning, or the burning of another’s sacred scriptures as legitimate exercises of free speech or civil disobedience. We support laws to protect all nations’ flags and the sacred symbols of all faiths. We offer our prayers...


We should disapprove all violent protest, not just abortion-related violence. In addition, attacks on a flag are the moral equivalent of grave-site desecration, an attack on those who died defending it. We should oppose flag-burners, vandals, cross-burners, and the destroyers of Korans equally.