Petition 81142

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Guidelines for a New Hymnal (81142-DI-NonDis-!)

If the General Conference authorizes the compilation of a new hymnal we ask that the committee rigidly adhere to the following guidelines:
1.   At least 7 percent of hymns shall be from the EUB tradition. That percentage represents the percentage of former EUB’s in The United Methodist Church in 1968. The EUB music tradition did not end in 1968. United Methodist hymnwriters of EUB background are still writing and reworking hymns (“tweaking tradition,” as one has described it). The committee should consult with the Center for the Evangelical United Brethren Heritage, the Lorenz Publishing Company, and the Estate of Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter for guidance in this effort.
2.       Separate gender-neutral and traditional language hymnal editions  should be produced. The traditional language edition should return to the traditional hymn wordings and should include a Psalter using one or more accepted Bible translations.
3.       While seeking to incorporate new music for the coming generations of worshipers, the committee should not hesitate to include established classic hymns of whatever generation. The committee should recall that just one generation ago the two-hundred-year-old-plus “Amazing Grace” became a chart-stopping pop record.
   If the General Conference decides to postpone producing a new hymnal at this time, we ask that a traditional language edition of the current hymnal be produced, incorporating the above guidelines, excising the offending hymns, revising the Psalter, and adding 40-50 hymns from the EUB tradition.


This is a justice issue. It needs to be resolved.