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Biblical Language (81139-FO-R344)

   Amend Resolution 344 Biblical Language (Book of Resolutions):
   Whereas, The United Methodist Church affirms the right and custom of the use of biblical language and images in all its forms in worship and in our common life together , and affirms the use of language that reflects the long-standing commitment to the inclusiveness and diversity of United Methodist members and constituencies, . Phrases such as “Lord,” and “King,” and “Father” are an integral part of the rich heritage of the faith. A truly inclusive church will not restrict its people as to what is appropriate and what is inappropriate language and imagery about God. We therefore affirm the use of biblical language and images in all its forms a appropriate for use in hymns, liturgy, teaching, and in all areas of our common life together.
    Therefore, be it resolved, that...negative ways, and
  Be it further resolved, that...inclusiveness of humanity.


These changes restore the original wording of the resolution as adopted in 1988. The current (2000) version reverses the original authors’ intention. Congregations and members should be free to decide how much traditional or gender-neutral language they will use without incurring blame or censure.