Petition 81135

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Responsible Parenthood (81135-C2-R25)

   Amend Resolution No. 25. Responsible Parenthood (Book of Resolutions) as shown:
    1. Delete the fifth paragraph (Book of Resolutions) and substitute the new fifth paragraph:
    When an unacceptable pregnancy occurs...make their own responsible decisions concerning the personal and moral questions surrounding the issue of abortion (see ΒΆ 161J).  When a pregnancy occurs that appears to cause the parent or parents emotional or economic hardship, we in the church should bring all our resources of compassion and support to their aid. This includes prayer, encouragement, information about adoption and other facilities to help those facing difficult pregnancies, economic help, and, where needed, job training. These ministries should continue throughout the term of pregnancy and beyond. We can support abortion only in the tragic and rare instances where the life of the unborn child directly and immediately threatens the life of the mother (see 161J).
    2. Delete Recommendation 7 and 8 (Book of Resolutions) and substitute a new Recommendation 7:
    (7)    safeguard the legal option of abortion under standards of sound medical practice;
(8)    make abortions available to women without regard to economic standards of sound medical practice, and make abortions available to women without regard to economic status;
  establish and support ministries for women and families facing difficult and sometimes unplanned and unwelcome pregnancies. Every church should be familiar with the crisis pregnancy and adoption facilities in their area and support them with material aid and volunteer service;
    3. Renumber Recommendations 9-14 (Book of Resolutions) as Recommendations 8-13 and amend the current Recommendation 10 (new Recommendation 9):
    (10)    assist those states to make provisions  approach with caution any proposal in law or in practice for treating as adults minors who have, or think they have venereal diseases, or female minors who are, or think they are, pregnant, thereby eliminating the legal necessity for notifying parents or guardians prior to care or treatment. Parental support is crucially important and most desirable on such occasions , but  and should not be a barrier to receiving needed treatment   ought not to be contingent on such support ;


The  resolution perverted an EUB child-rearing/birth control statement, by legitimizing abortion.  “We support the legal right to abortion as established by the 1973 Supreme Court decision,” is meaningless. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court issued two abortion decisions. The General Conference hasn’t specified which decision we support.