Petition 81133

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United Methodist (81133-FA-¶807.11)

   Amend ¶. 807.11:
    11. To supervise the use of the name “United Methodist” and maintain the appropriate registrations of this name on behalf of the denomination. In pursuit of this responsibility, the council, when it becomes aware of the omission of “United” from “United Methodist“ in the church or secular press, in advertisements, and in other church publications, shall notify the responsible parties that this is unacceptable usage. The council shall also notify the editors of the Associated Press Stylebook and the UPI Stylebook about this policy. With general agencies and affiliated agencies that repeatedly violate this policy, the council shall have the power to withhold church funds until they comply. The council shall further report to the Church twice a year in The Interpreter about agencies’ and others’ compliance with this policy.


UM Communications had this task (The Book of Resolutions, pp. 882-883) and neglected it. The UM Reporter misuses our name almost weekly. Cokesbury markets Being Methodist in the Bible Belt, insulting former EUBs and Bible Belt Christians. Under the present ¶ 807.11, GCFA should assume the task.