Petition 81117

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Part-Time Local Pastors (81117-MH-¶318.2)

Amend ¶318.2
2. Part-Time Local Pastors- Those eligible to be appointed as part-time local pastors are persons (a) who have met the provisions of par. 315; (b) who do not devote their time to the charge to which they are appointed; or (c) do not receive in cash support per annum from all Church sources a sum equal to or larger that the minimum base compensation established by the annual conference for full-time local pastors; and (d) who, unless they have completed the Course of Study, shall complete two courses per year in a Course of Study school or the correspondence curriculum prescribed by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Part-time local pastors may be appointed to small membership churches that are grouped together in a charge under the supervision of a mentor; (e) who are seminary students with appointment in the annual conference.


Judicial Decision No. 895