Petition 81116

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Finance (81116-LC-¶259.4)

Amend ¶259.4
4.There shall be a committee on finance, elected annually by the charge conference upon recommendation by the committee on lay leadership or from the floor , composed of the chairperson; the pastor(s); a lay member of the annual conference; the chairperson of the church council; the chairperson of the representative of the committee on pastor-parish relations; representative of the trustees to be selected by the trustees; the chairperson of the ministry group on stewardship; the lay leader; he financial secretary; the treasurer; the church business administrator; and other members to be added as the charge may determine. It is recommended that the chairperson of the committee on finance shall be a member of the church council. The financial secretary, treasurer, and the church business administrator, if paid employees, shall be members without vote.
    The positions of treasurer and financial secretary should not be combined and held by one person, and the persons holding these two positions including the auditor should not be immediate family members nor   belonging to the same household.
All financial askings to be included in the annual budget of the local church shall be submitted to the committee on finance. The committee shall compile annually a complete budget for the local church and submit it to the church council for review and adoption. The committee on finance shall be charged with responsibility for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council. The committee shall formulate and develop financial policies and guidelines to be adopted by the church council.  It shall administer the funds received according to instructions from the church council.