Petition 81113

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Lay Leadership (81113-LC-¶259.1)

Amend ¶259.1.c  
c) This committee is to be composed of not more than nine persons, in addition to the pastor and the lay leader. At least one young adult elected by the charge conference shall serve as a member of the committee. One or more members elected by the charge conference may be youth. The pastor shall be the chairperson. A layperson elected by the committee on lay leadership shall serve as the vice chairperson of the committee.
Amend ¶259.1.d
d) In order to secure experience and stability, the nine memberships shall be divided into three classes, one of which shall be elected each year for a three-year term. To begin the process of rotation where such has not been in place, in the first year, one class shall be elected for one year, one class for two years, and one class for three years. Each year’s  new class,  and vacancies at the time of charge conference, shall be elected from nominees from the floor of the charge conference and/or through the recommendation of the committee on lay leadership. Retiring members of the committee shall not succeed themselves. Only one person from the immediate family residing in  of the same household shall serve on the committee. When vacancies occur during the year, nominees shall be elected by the church council, or alternative church structure, with the permission of the district superintendent.