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Stewardship (81109-C1-ΒΆ163)

Add “K) Stewardship” to paragraph 163 (IV. THE ECONOMIC COMMUNITY) of THE SOCIAL PRINCIPLES.  
K) Stewardship - The mix of the military and non-military budgets of nations and other powers and principalities must make the world safer, healthier, sustainable and peaceful with justice for all.  The Church must regard the nations and institutions of planet earth as accountable for immoral budgets and expenditures that fail to emphasize global security, improved health, the sustainability of the environment, disarmament, diplomacy, and development aid.


This is a paraphrase of a worker in a third world country:  “We don’t need more fighter planes.  What we need is fair trade.” United Methodist Bishops have pointed out that the only advocate that poor nations can afford to promote peace and development is the Church.