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Membership of the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (80011-MH-¶663.1)

Amend ¶663.1 as follows:
¶663.1 The district committee on ordained ministry shall be amenable to the annual conference through the board of ordained ministry. It shall be composed of a representative from the board of ordained ministry, named by the board after consultation with the district superintendent, who may be named chairperson; the district superintendent, who may serve as the executive secretary; and at least six  eight (8) other clergy in the district, including women and ethnic clergy, wherever possible, nominated annually by the district superintendent in consultation with the chairperson or executive committee of the board of ordained ministry and approved by the annual conference. The committee shall include elders in full connection and, whenever possible, deacons in full connection and at least one elder who has taken the course of study  two associate members or local pastors who have completed the course of study. All clergy members shall have both voice and vote. (The remainder of ¶663.1 is unchanged)


The addition of two local pastors or associate members to the District Committee on Ordained Ministry will improve the understanding of the District Committee of the nature of licensed pastoral service.