Petition 81081

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Certified Candidate Appeals (81081-JA-¶313.1)

Amend 313 [1] Discontinuance and Reinstatement of  Certified Candidacy as follows:
    1. Discontinuance of a Certified Candidate:  Certified candidates may be discontinued on their own request, upon severing relationship in The United Methodist Church, or upon action to discontinue by the district committee on ordained ministry.   
    a. Should a Certified candidate be dismissed, the dismissing authority shall provide to the candidate in writing the grounds for the discontinuance, citing prior signed agreements or specifics of time, place, and events alleged to have taken place, that are the grounds for their consideration of discontinuance.  The Certified candidate shall have the right to request a hearing, with his/her mentor in attendance.  The mentor shall have voice but not vote unless a member of the hearing group.  Fair process rights ¶362.2) shall apply.  The hearing shall be held within thirty days unless the parties agree to an extension.  Should the decision to discontinue be upheld by the hearing, the Certified candidate shall be informed in writing of the reason(s) for the decision and shall be suspended for no more than ninety days pending possible appeal.

       b. Appeal:  Should the hearing (¶320a) fail to reinstate the Certified candidate, the Certified candidate shall have ten days after notification to appeal either decision to the executive committee of the conference board of ordained ministry, who shall meet with the Certified candidate and his/her mentor in attendance within thirty days, unless the parties agree to an extension.  Fair process rights (¶362.2) shall apply.  Both the substance of the specifics and of the procedural issues are subject to appeal.  Should the executive committee overturn the discontinuance, the Certified candidate shall be returned to Certified status.  When a final decision has been made to discontinue the license, T the district committee on ordained ministry shall file with the conference board of  ordained ministry a permanent record of  the circumstances relating to the discontinuance of the certified candidate.


Often Certified candidates have been discontinued or had their license withdrawn for reasons other than those mentioned in the Discipline and which were unclear to them.  Under the present Disciplinary rules any decision by the Bishop or the District Committee is final.  Many candidates have regarded their dismissal as unfair. With...