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Responsible Parenthood (81080-C2-R25)

Amend Resolution #25: Responsible Parenthood as follows:
    We affirm the principle of responsible parenthoodÉ
    We therefore encourage our churches É
1.   É
10.    assist the states to make provisions in law and in practice for treating as adults minors who have, or think they have, venereal diseases, or female minors who are, or think they are, pregnant, thereby eliminating the legal necessity for notifying parents or guardians prior to care and treatment.  Parental support is crucially important and most desirable on such occasions, but needed treatment ought not be contingent on such support.  This statement shall not be used to assert or imply that The United Methodist Church opposes any requirements, with or without exceptions, of parental notification for abortion procedures performed on girls who have not yet reached the age of legal adulthood;
11.   É


It is often routine for parental consent (beyond mere notification) to be required for such minor treatments as headache medicine or ear piercings.  Parents should know when their daughters undergo significant medical procedures, including abortion.  Professional policymakers can determine what abnormal situations would justify exception clauses in such regulations.