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Resolution on a Loving Cross (81073-FA-R9999)

Add new resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, it is the Mission of the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all peoples in all nations; and

WHEREAS, part of the means of bringing this message is in the words
and symbols of all peoples, which effectively communicate with them
regarding Christian Love in action; and

WHEREAS, communication of this message of Christian Love by means of an image of The Cross is important to the effectiveness of the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH in accomplishing its Mission; and

WHEREAS, it is first most important to bring this message free from
hate-filled historical associations and atrocities, such as the
symbols recalling hate and actions without good conscience in the
form of burning crosses and the Ku Klux Klan, in America or
elsewhere; and

WHEREAS, the current symbol of a cross with flames, while not so
intended when originally designed in 1,968 A.D., when used as a
symbol of Christian Love is totally inappropriate to communicate love
instead of communicating hate-filled historical associations and atrocities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this General Conference hereby recommends ceasing the use of this present inappropriate symbol, and transforming our Christian symbol into a new Holy Spirit Cross, consistent with our original intention of communicating the message of Christian Love to the peoples of all nations; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this transformation from angry fire to peace- and love- filled Dove as a new Holy Spirit Cross and Christian symbol for the entire UNITED METHODIST CHURCH be adopted; AND

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this transformation from symbolizing anger to symbolizing Love must take place wherever it appears in organization and congregation with all deliberate speed, illustrating the Love of God as our model of behavior one to the other, as the freedom and power of the baptized Soul transcends the cross of humankind, receiving the Grace of God in the Holy Spirit as shown to
us by his Son: This transformation, and this building of the symbol
of the New Holy Spirit Cross of the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH being accomplished substantially as illustrated herein:


1. FLAME        2. TO           3. DOVES

(Drawing of a                (Drawing of a                 (Drawing of a
Cross with        Cross with        Cross with
figures showing     same figures        same figures,
two flames        now at the        side by side and
leaving the        intersection of     white as
Cross)        the Cross, side     Doves)
         by side)

[A drawing was submitted by the petitioner and will be available to the Legislative Committee at General Conference.]


Basically this document is self-explanatory: It calls for an end to
our Church's use of an inappropriate symbol as logo, and calls for
its change by substituting the FLAMES represented for DOVES.

Based on our ugly racist American experiences symbolized by a flaming
cross, we call upon ourselves to reject...