Petition 81072

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General Agency Support (81072-FA-ΒΆ805.6a2)

Amend 805.6  Financial Support—a) Financial support from general church funds for  the work of the council shall be from the following sources:  (1) an on-ratio allocation from the General Administration Fund; in an amount determined by the General Conference; (2) fixed charges against the  those agencies supported under the World Service Fund, the Episcopal Fund, the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, and such other general funds as the General Conference may authorize, on recommendation of the council.  Fixed charges shall be in proportion to the funds’ receipts.  


This supports legislation designed to give conferences the option of apportioning either the World Service Fund or by each agency under World Service.  This gives GCFA explicit authority to utilize money given directly in support of agencies supported under World Service in an amount agreed on by all parties concerned.