Petition 81070

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General Agency Support (81070-FA-¶812.1)

Amend ¶812.1 as follows:
The council shall recommend to each quadrennial session of the General Conference the amount of the annual budget of each of those agencies and ministries supported under World Service budget for the ensuing quadrennium and the method by which it they shall be apportioned to the annual conferences.  In cooperation with the Connectional Table, it shall prepare and recommend a plan of distribution of the World Service  receipts in support of those agencies under World Service Ministries or to World Service itself among the  World Service agencies , in accordance with the procedures described in Paragraph 8061.b.  In the planning of the World Service budget, it shall be the role of the General Council on Finance and Administration to facilitate...


This supports legislation designed to give conferences the option of apportioning either the World Service Fund or by each agency under World Service.  This makes it explicit that the budget shall be presented to the General Conference broken down by agency and that the plan for distribution will accommodate those...