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Purpose of Professing Membership (81052-LC-¶200)

Add a new ¶216 and renumber accordingly:
216 -The Purpose of Professing Membership
The purpose of professing membership in the United Methodist Church is to enable faithful discipleship, as expressed in Scripture and our traditions, that leads to holiness of heart and life.  Holy living is made possible by the prevenient, justifying and sanctifying grace of God in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.  By attending to this grace through the ministry of the Spirit and the Church, United Methodist Christians become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and are enabled to live in holiness, the “perfect love” of God and neighbor. Christian holiness is both personal and social in nature (¶101).


United Methodists believe that the biblical teaching of holiness of heart and life expresses the goal of Christian life and the high calling of Christ’s church.  This addition clarifies the purpose of church membership to be aiding disciples in attaining the goal of “perfect love” toward God and neighbor.