Petition 81044

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Time Between Ballots (81044-JA-¶2602.2)

Amend ¶2602.2 as follows:
    2. Nominations and Election — Members of the council shall be nominated and elected in the manner following: At each quadrennial session of the General Conference, the Council of Bishops shall nominate by majority vote three times the number of ordained ministers and laypersons to be elected at such session of the General Conference. The number to be elected shall correspond to the number of members whose terms expire at the conclusion of such session. Each of the jurisdictions and the central conferences as a group shall be represented by at least one nominee, but it shall not be a requirement that each of the jurisdictions or the central conferences as a group be represented by an elected member. At the same daily session at which the above nominations are announced, nominations of both ministers and laypersons may be made from the floor, but at no other time. The names of all nominees, identified with the conference to which each belongs, and a biographical sketch that does not exceed one hundred words shall be published by the Daily Christian Advocate at least forty-eight hours prior to the time of election, which shall be set by action of the General Conference at the session at which the nominations are made; and from these nominations the General Conference shall elect without discussion, by ballot and majority vote, the necessary number of ministerial and lay members. The rules of the General Conference may make provisions for a certain amount of time between each ballot to allow delegates time to confer with other delegates. There shall not be any speeches on the floor of General Conference about any candidate.
This legislation becomes effective upon adoption.


Once the electronic voting system was fixed in 2004, the election of 4 Judicial Council members and 12 alternates took about 20 minutes. Delegates need time to  review candidates’ qualifications and the Council’s make up as the election progresses.