Petition 81040

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Involuntary Leave of Absence (81040-MH-¶354.1b)

Amend ¶354.1b as follows:
b) Involuntary Leave of Absence---The district superintendents may request an involuntary leave of absence without the consent of the probationary, associate, or full member, at least ninety days prior to the annual conference session, by submitting to the bishop a written Administrative Complaint (¶362.2). In this complaint, T they shall give provide, in writing, to the probationary, associate or full member and the board of ordained ministry in writing specific reasons for the request. The fair process for administrative hearings as set forth....


To clarify the process for initiating an involuntary leave of absence on the part of a probationary, associate, or full member of the annual conference. Right now, it is confusing to all: cabinets, boards of ordained ministry, and administrative review committees.