Petition 81028

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Civility in Elections (81028-C1-R9999)

Add new resolution as follows:

Whereas, We live in a Democracy in which we elect people to represent us and give voice to important national and local issues; and

Whereas, We expect that our leaders/elected officials conduct themselves as representatives of our call to be one people and one nation under a loving God; and

Whereas, We must understand the substantive position of those running for office so that we can see if their solutions represent the greatest good and justice for all people; and

Whereas, Character and the manner in which candidates conduct themselves are one of the most important aspects affecting our decisions in elections; and

Whereas, Character assassination and the coarsening of social discourse seem increasingly prevalent in our elections; and

Whereas, The disrespectful ways in which elections are conducted often lead us to disrespect and distrust good people with different ideas even to the point of questioning their patriotism at times; and

Whereas, We see a rise in the participation of hate groups that now feel free to express their prejudices openly in this atmosphere of disrespect; and

Whereas, We have begun to lose the heart and soul, the compassion and concern for others that made our nation unique in history; 

Therefore, be it resolved, That we, as a church, do all in our power to hold those who represent us to standards of behavior that represent the Great Commandment of loving our neighbors and respecting others as children of God; and
Be it further resolved, That the exchange among candidates deals with the merits and strengths of their solutions without disrespecting the integrity of their opponents or resorting to name calling as a response to another’s position; and
Be it further resolved, That all candidates present solutions in written form to the important issues facing our nation, not belittling others for their beliefs; and
Be it further resolved, We immediately voice our displeasure to candidates and their parties when they diminish other candidates through character assassination; and
Be it further resolved, We, as a church, make the manner in which candidates conduct themselves a prime basis for whether we vote for a candidate.