Petition 81026

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Non-UM Schools of Theology (81026-MH-¶1422.3d)

Amend ¶1422.3d as follows:
   d)   Any institution seeking affiliation with The United Methodist Church for the preparation of candidates for ordination must first present its plan to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Division of Ordained Ministry for approval and recommendation to the University Senate, which alone can grant affiliation and listing as a United Methodist school of theology.  A select number of non-United Methodist schools of theology may be granted approval for the preparation of candidates for ordination under the criteria of the University Senate.  Schools formally and exclusively affiliated with any denomination that in its official position does not affirm Trinitarian Christian faith/and or defines marriage in any way other than a holy union of one man and one woman shall be ineligible for such approval.  This limitation shall not affect the status of any United Methodist student whose enrollment in such a school previously approved by the University Senate began prior to January 1, 2010.   


While having some of our ministers trained at non-United Methodist schools is valuable for strengthening ecumenical relations with denominations that share our biblical Christian faith, our ministers should be theologically instructed at schools in which the official perspective is not inherently hostile to our historic, core convictions as Christians.