Petition 81023

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Covenant of Membership (81023-LC-¶225)

Amend ¶225 as follows:
¶225. Transfer from Other Denominations—A member in good standing in any Christian denomination who has been baptized and who desires to unite with The United Methodist Church may be received as either a baptized or a professing member by a proper certificate of transfer from that person’s former church, or by a declaration of Christian faith, and upon affirming willingness to be loyal to The United Methodist Church  the vows and covenant of church membership (see ¶¶214-217).  In baptism water is administered in the name of the Triune God ...


It is important to maintain high membership standards and expectations, including willingness to assume the obligations and responsibilities of church membership.  Joining a new congregation is the ideal time to reinforce these high expectations.  More ought to be asked of a transferring person than “willingness to be loyal to The...