Petition 81020

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Ministerial Education Fund Distribution (81020-FA-¶816.2a)

Amend ¶¶816.2a and 1422.4c as follows:
¶816.2 a) At least 75 percent of the amount received by the divisions shall be distributed to the theological schools of The United Methodist Church, as described in ¶1422, on a global formula established by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry after consultation with the theological schools. All money allocated to the theological schools shall be used for current operations, not for physical expansion.
¶1422.4. Schools of Theology of the United Methodist Church Located   in the Central Conferences-
Add a new sub-paragraph c) The Schools of Theology and programs of Clergy training established under sub-paragraph 4 shall receive financial support for the current operating expenses from the annual conferences in the Connection through the Ministerial Education Fund (See paragraph 816.2).


The United Methodist people believe their contributions to the Ministerial Education Fund should be allocated equitably and proportionally to ALL United Methodists candidates for ministry.