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Opening Doors to Latinos (81019-C1-R9999)

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The United Methodist Church suffers with our Latino/Hispanic brothers and sisters as lack of compassion and justice is becoming commonplace in the United States. Injustices, including racial profiling, denial of privacy, separation of families, lack of respect, lack of compassion, denial of due process of laws, denial of medical services, congressional paralysis in addressing their problems, and unchristian behavior should be an  embarrassment to Christians everywhere. We wish to affirm the United Methodist welcome of ‘Open minds, open hearts, and open doors’ specifically to this group of suffering people, and to remind them that God loves each human being and we welcome all to come learn just what that means through our study of the Holy Bible.


The Latino/Hispanic population is now the largest minority group in the U.S. The Latino/Hispanic population has over 50 million legal U.S. residents. Latino/Hispanic people are suffering great injustices due to our political climate. Due to lack of UMC leadership, many non-Latino UMC members have a great and growing hostility towards...