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Limitations (81017-CO-¶507)

Add new ¶ 507.3 and renumber following paragraphs as appropriate.
Any organization, clergy member, or lay member of The United Methodist Church may petition the General Conference in the following manner:
1) The petition must be sent to the secretary of the General Conference or a designated petitions secretary in a format determined by the secretary of the General Conference.
2) Each petition must address only one issue if the Discipline is not affected; if the Discipline is affected, each petition must address only one paragraph of the Discipline except that, if two or more paragraphs in the Discipline are so closely related that a change in one affects the others, the petition may call for the amendment of those paragraphs also to make them consistent with one another
3) Effective in 2012, petitions (including resolutions up for re-adoption) shall not exceed 1200 words, including footnotes, and be clearly separated into the following two sections: (1) a section on rationale which includes the theological, historical, and statistical background material; (2) the call for action or statement of position.  The call for action or statement of position shall be concise.  If a petition is longer than 1200 words, the Secretary or the Secretary’s designee (¶507.1) may notify the petitioner of the defect.  The petitioner will have seven days in which to correct the petition following the Secretary’s sending notification.  If the secretary has not received the corrections within the allotted time the secretary may declare the petition out of order and exclude it from the petition process.
Insert a new sentence in ¶510.2
The secretary of the General Conference shall be responsible for the permanent record of the General Conference which shall include:
1) Corrections to the Daily Christian Advocate.  The editor will then file with the Commission on Archives and History two bound copies of the Daily Christian Advocate and corrections as the official record of General Conference Bound copies shall also be made available at cost by The United Methodist Publishing House.
2) A Book of Resolutions to be edited by the United Methodist Publishing House.  The book shall contain all valid (approved) resolutions of the General Conference.  A valid (approved) resolution may not exceed 1200 words, including footnotes.  (¶507.3)  The preface of the Book of Resolutions shall include the guidelines for writing resolutions.