Petition 81016

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Criminal and Restorative Justice (81016-C1-¶164.H)

Amend ¶164.H as follows:
  H) Criminal and Restorative Justice-To protect ...
We reject all misuse of these mechanisms, including their use for the purpose of revenge or for persecuting or intimidating those whose race, appearance, lifestyle, economic condition, or beliefs differ from those in authority. We reject all careless, callous or discriminatory enforcement of law that withholds justice from all non-English speaking persons and persons with disabilities and all those who do not speak the language of the country in which they are in contact with the law enforcement. We further support measures ...


As a global church, we need to emphasise that we should not discriminate against anyone who speak a language different than our own, or the language spoken of the majority in the country in which we reside (i.e. foreign-speaking persons).