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Foreign Employees (81015-C1-¶163.F)

Delete the current paragraph and replace it with the following:
163 F) Foreign employees
For centuries people have moved across boarders in search of work. In our global world this is still a relevant and increasing form of immigration. Improved wages, better working-conditions, and jobs available are reasons for immigration due to work-opportunities. Employees from other countries are in many societies an important resource to fill the society’s need of workers. But foreign employees too often meet exploitation, absence of protecting laws, and unreasonable wages and working-conditions.  
We call upon governments and all employers to ensure for foreign employees the same economic, educational, and social benefits enjoyed by other citizens.  
Foreign employees also need a religious fellowship, and we call for the churches to include these in their care and fellowships, and to support them in their efforts for better conditions.


The current paragraph answers American challenges, but immigration in search of work is global, and the suggested paragraph is more inclusive to this form of immigration everywhere.