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Poverty (81014-C1-¶163.E)

Amend ¶163.E as follows:
¶ 163 E) Poverty – In spite of general affluence in the industrial nations, the majority of persons in the world live in poverty. In order to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, and other necessities, ways must be found to share more equitably the resources of the world. Increasing technology, when accompanied by exploitative economic practices, impoverishes many persons and makes poverty self-perpetuating. Poverty due to nature catastrophes and environmental changes is growing, and need attention and support. Conflicts and war impoverish the population on all sides, and an important way to support the poor will be to work for peaceful solutions. Poverty most often has systemic causes, and T therefore, we do not hold  individual poor people are not alone morally responsible for their economic state.  
As a church, we are called to support the poor and challenge the rich. To begin to alleviate poverty, we support such policies as: adequate income maintenance, quality education, decent housing, job training, meaningful employment opportunities, adequate medical and hospital care, and humanization and radical revision of welfare programs, work for peace in conflict areas and efforts to protect the creation’s integrity. Since low wages are often a cause of poverty, employers should pay their employees a wage that does not require them to depend upon government subsidies such as food stamps or welfare for their livelihood.


The paragraph needs to be updated on the causes of poverty, such as war/conflicts and nature/environment. And we need to be even more clear on the systemic causes and solutions at this issue.