Petition 80101

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Immigration (80101-C1-R9999)

Be it resolved, that the General Conference of the United Methodist Church strongly condemns the imprisonment of innocent children under any circumstances and exhorts the United States to cease this practice immediately; and
Calls on the United States to take every effort to keep families of undocumented immigrants together; and
Encourages all Methodists to prayerfully consider what immigration policies at all levels of government will be best for our church and ourselves to support, to educate church members about the merits of the issue, and to treat the immigrants themselves with Christian kindness and as full persons in every aspect, and directs national and conference staff to implement such education and study in preparation for further action on the issue of immigration by the church.


Jesus was an undocumented immigrant fleeing persecution by King Herod.  
The Book of Hebrews instructs us to treat strangers with hospitality, in case they be angels such as visited Abraham. Children of undocumented immigrants are being imprisoned and frequently are separated from their parents during the deportation process.