Petition 81008

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Rights of Men (81008-C2-¶162)

Add a new paragraph after ¶ 162 F called Rights of Men:
Because we affirm women and men to be equal in every aspect of their common life, we also affirm the rights of men. We affirm equal opportunities in employment, responsibility and promotion. Men should not be ignored or loose opportunities or influence because they are men.
We recognize that men’s role in raising children is in equal importance to women’s, and call for equal rights as women in opportunities for parental leave. When parents divorce men often have less contact with their children. We call for equal access to child-custody, but emphasize that the best interest of the child always is the most important.


- We have focused on women’s rights for a long time, and it is time to emphasize also men’s rights. And the areas mentioned are areas where women often have a stronger position than men.