Petition 81005

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Narcotics (81005-C2-¶162.J)

Amend ¶ 162 J) Alcohol and Other Drugs as follows:
We support abstinence from the use of any illegal drugs  narcotics.
Since the use of illegal drugs  narcotics, as well as illegal and problematic use of alcohol, is a major factor in crime, disease, death, and family dysfunction, we support educational programs as well as other prevention strategies encouraging abstinence from illegal drug use  narcotics  and, with regard to those who choose to consume alcohol beverages, judicious use with deliberate and intentional restraint , with Scripture as a guide .


There ought to be a clearer difference between legal and illegal drugs, thus the use of narcotics. The sentence is clearer without “with Scripture as a guide”. All of the social principles have the Scripture as a guide and thus, it is unnecessary to emphasise it in this specific paragraph.