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The Petition is amended as follows:
Petition 80566, pg 372
Pg 374 III D. Delete last sentence of first paragraph. “ All of the genes that make up the human genome have been identified as have those of many other living organisms, but are now learning that other parts of the DNA may control how genes work .”
Pg 374 III D. Delete last sentence of third paragraph. Scientists have now developed entirely new life forms through the field of synthetic biology.
Pg 375 V. Delete second to last sentence. Scientists are now complaining that their research is being limited by patents on genes. Pacific Islanders are protesting the patenting of the genes of their peoples.  
Pg 376 VI B2b. Add the word “genetic” after the word “using”. To read as: We support wide public access to genetic data that do not identify particular individuals but we oppose using genetic data gathered for one purpose for purposes other than that to which consent was given.  
Pg 377 VI E2. Strike the language of sections a, b, c, d, e, 3a, b. Maintain language beginning with 3c.
Rationale: The strikeouts in ADCA weren’t consistent with the original petition.