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The Petition is amended as follows:
    Resolution 25: Paragraphs 4-5

    Resolution 25: Paragraphs 4-5
When through contraceptive or human failure an unacceptable pregnancy occurs, we believe that a profound regard for unborn human life must be weighed alongside an equally profound regard for fully developed personhood, particularly when the physical, mental, and emotional health of the pregnant woman and her family show reason to be seriously threatened by the new life just forming. We reject the simplistic answers to the problem of abortion that, on the one hand, regard all abortions as murders, or, on the other hand, regard abortions as medical procedures without moral significance.
When an unacceptable pregnancy occurs, a family-and most of all, the pregnant woman-is confronted with the need to make a difficult decision. When a pregnancy occurs that appears to cause the parent or parents hardship, we in the church should bring all our resources of compassion and support to their aid, including prayer and encouragement. We believe that continuance of a pregnancy that endangers the life or health of the mother, or poses other serious problems concerning the life, health, or mental capability of the child to be, is not a moral necessity. In such cases, we believe the path of mature Christian judgment may indicate the advisability of abortion. We support the legal right to abortion as established by the 1973 Supreme Court decision. We encourage women in counsel with husbands, doctors, and pastors to make their own responsible decisions concerning the personal and moral questions surrounding the issue of abortion (see ΒΆ 161J).