Calendar Item 891

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Amend petition 81024-C1 R9999 as follows:
On page 303 of ADCA left column, first line change “ Bill” to William.
On page 303 of ADCA left column, fifth paragraph, fourth line add following the words “and they are dying due to ill-health and old age at a rate of approximately 8 to 10 a day; and”
On page 303 of ADCA left column, insert following the seventh paragraph, Be it resolved that the 2008 General Conference of The United Methodist Church urges all our elected officials  to support pending federal legislation or their more recent equivalents supporting the Filipino-American war veterans:  (1) H. R. 4574/S. 146, the Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2006; (2)  H.R. 901, an act to give priority in the issuance of immigrant visas to the sons and daughters of Filipino World War II veterans who are or were naturalized citizens of the United States, and for other purposes; (3) H. Res. 622/S. Res. 307, a Congressional Resolution to formally recognize and honor the Filipino World War II veterans for their defense of democratic ideals and their important contribution to the outcome of World War II, and (4) to complete the commitment to fund the Philippines Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City pursuant to Title 38, U.S. Code, Section 1732.

Add on page 303, right column before the final paragraph add:
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the General Board of Church and Society, the Philippines Central Conference Board of Church and Society, and the National Association of Filipino-American United Methodists work together to advocate with appropriate bodies and officials in the United States Congress and the Philippine government, urging and encouraging these officials to continue in and consummate their efforts to secure these overdue veterans’ benefits.