Calendar Item 883

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The Petition is amended as follows:
Add the following to the end of the petition, as new number 5:
5. Calls on all governments to take strong measures to prevent violent attacks against labor organizers and to engage in prompt and full prosecutions whenever such attacks occur;  
Following new number 5, add new number 6:
Calls upon all workers and labor unions to refrain from violence, be truthful about employers and bargain in good faith. We also call upon United Methodists who are union members and leaders to express their Christian witness by promoting a prophetic witness, democratic process and financial integrity in their unioins.
Add text following III, subpara 5, after words, "action and advocacy." which will be new number 6)
Lift up workers in prayer and reaffirm our belief in workers' rights on the Sunday nearest Labor Day or May Day
The commitee recommends to adopt the above.