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The Petition is amended as follows:
Strike original petition and replace with:
The human story is one of migration and struggles for self-determination, but often frustrated by the unsolicited intervention of nations into the affairs of other nations. The United Methodist Church continues to stand unequivocally against such interventions. this too is the story of the people of Taiwan whose struggles for self-determination call for our solidarity and action.
Taiwan is an island state of two million people, comprised of indigenous Taiwanese, Chinese and a mix of both. After 400 plus years of colonial rule by the Dutch, the Chinese and the Japanese, the people of Taiwan today have a stable form of democratic government, a thriving economy and a vibrant national identity and culture.
Therefore, we call upon all United Methodists around the world to stand in solidarity with the Taiwanese people as they assert their human rights and their right to self-determination. Self-determination will allow the Taiwanese people to freely determine their political destiny and achieve their democratic aspirations, without influence from, or domination by, foreign powers.
Further, that United Methodists support the Taiwanese people's hope for a just and durable peace, secure and stable borders, and sustainable development and cooperation among nations and peoples of the world.
In light of historic United Methodist understanding of self-determination, and its current understanding of the "One China" policy, we therefore call upon the leadership of the Council of Bishops, with the assistance of the General Board of Global Ministries and the General Board of Church and Society and their Annual Conference networks, including the Nationial Federation of Asian American United Methodists, to inform and educate the church about the history, experience, struggles and hopes of the Taiwanese people.
The committee recommends to adopt the above.