Calendar Item 796

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The Petition is amended as follows:
following the last words of the last sentence, start new paragraph:
Because we recognize that the long-term reduction of poverty must move beyond services to and employment for the poor which can be taken away, we emphasize measures which build and maintain the wealth of poor people, including asset-building strategies such as individual development savings accounts, microenterprise development programs, progams enabling homeownership, and financial management training and counseling. We call upon churches to develop these and other ministrieis which promote asset-building among the poor.
Add the following sentences to end of new last paragraph:
We are especially mindful of the Global South, where investment and micro-enterprise are especially needed. We urge support for policies that will encourage equitable economic growth in the Global South and around the world, providing a just opportunity for all.
Final sentence of petition should read:
Poverty most often has systemic causes, and therefore we do not hold poor people morally responsible for their economic state.