Calendar Item 422

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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
  Whereas, The following five four areas of emphasis provide crucial avenues for shared labor and witness:
  1.    Leadership development, with particular focus on leading the United Methodist way of discipleship,
2.    Congregational development and new church starts,
3.    Ministry with the poor, with particular attention to caring for and protecting children;
4.    Global health, by confronting the diseases of poverty and health-care access for all; and
5.    Sound environmental stewardship, with particular focus on the issues pertaining to global warming.
therefore, be it  
Resolved, That the Western North Carolina Conference petition the 2008 General Conference in support of, and commitment to, these five areas of emphasis for this quadrennium.

The 2008 General Conference supports these four areas of emphasis for this quadrennium.