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The Petition is amended as follows:

Revise as follows after the second whereas:
Therefore, be it resolved, that United Methodist clergy and laity be encouraged to  use diverse metaphorical  biblical images from the Bible,  and titles for God, including masculine/feminine metaphors; use language for humans that reflects both male and female; use metaphors of color, darkness, ability and age in positive rather than exclusively negative ways; and  
Be it further resolved, we affirm the use of biblical language and images in all their forms as appropriate for use in hymns, liturgy, teaching, and in all areas of our common life together.  
Be it further resolved, that all publications, audiovisual media, online resources and other communication materials of the United Methodist Church shall reflect the diverse biblical metaphors, as well as language that reflects  and the diversity and inclusiveness of humanity.
Adopted 1988
Revised and Adopted 2000