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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
The 2008 General Conference shall create a task force directly related to the issue of global warming, under the direction of the General Board of Church and Society, to bring back action recommendations to the United Methodist Church, its Annual Conferences, local churches,  camp and retreat centers, and individual members  The 2008 General Conference directs the General Board of Church and Society, the General Board of Global Ministries, the General Board of Discipleship, the General Council on Finance and Administration, the Connectional Table and the General Conference organizing body to work with Annual Conferences and United Methodist Camps and Retreat Centers to develop recommendations and resources that would guide The United Methodist Church in reducing our carbon dioxide impact that would guide us in reducing our carbon impact and ecological footprint upon creation and finding alternative, renewable energy resources to use in carrying out our call to care for the earth as part of Christian discipleship. The group shall report back to the 2012 General Conference. A representative selected by the National Camp and Retreat Committee shall be appointed to this task force, in order to help the task force with its work and serve as the linking person to inform and encourage the leaders of United Methodist Camp and Retreat Centers in implementing the forth-coming recommendations. 
The report to the 2012 General Conference should
Create a plan for evaluating the current status of contributions to global warming throughout the United Methodist connection by churches, institutions and staff;
  • Create specific recommendations for reduction of contributions to global warming such as: solar panels or other renewable energies, meetings by conference call rather than driving, insulating buildings, etc.
  • Develop an ecumenical effort to support changes which reduce global warming.