Calendar Item 373

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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
Paragraph 1 - Same
Paragraph 2 - Same
Paragraph 3 - “The United Methodist Church must be proactive in resisting hate ...” (etc.) paragraph continues as before (formerly 4th  paragraph)
Paragraph 4 - “It is not just hate groups who perpetrate such crimes...” (etc.) paragraph continues as before (formerly 3rd  paragraph)
Paragraph 5 (insert) - “In recent years the homeless have been a group that has often been targeted for violence.  The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that between 1999 and 2005 there were 169 attacks against homeless people in the U.S. alone which resulted in their deaths.”
Paragraph 6 (insert) - “Immigrants are another group against which violent acts have been increasing.  The demeaning of immigrants by media organizations and political leaders has lent itself to attitudes which view immigrants as less than human.  In addition, ...” (etc., continue w/ attached paragraph until last sentence)  “Thus, there is no way of knowing how many immigrants are being terrorized in communities throughout the world.”
Paragraph 7 “Racism and crimes against persons based on...” (etc. as is until sentence ending “the Uighurs and Tibetans in China all face discrimination and violence.  
Insert as follows to complete paragraph:  “Refugees and internally-displaced persons attempting to return to their homes are particularly vulnerable to acts of violence.  The chaos that so often results from armed conflict prevents protection of refugees by law enforcement.  Women and children become especially vulnerable as they seek asylum and flee from fighting.  And in returning to their homes, they often face violence as a form of retribution or social and political marginalization.”
Paragraph 8 - New paragraph begins with:  “The United Methodist Church upholds the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights...”
Rest of petition continues as in DCA.