Calendar Item 299

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The Petition is amended as follows:
Amend ¶256 by moving the contents of ¶257 into a new subparagraph labeled ¶256.6; then delete ¶257
Amend ¶256.3 in the next-to-last sentence as follows:
eighteen to  through thirty
Add new sub-paragraph after  ¶256.3.c) (3) (i):
    (j) To promote, introduce and encourage youth and young adults to become active in United Methodist campus ministry when they attend a college or university.
Amend  ¶256.3.d) by addition:
d) The coordinator of young adult ministries and the young-adult council, when organized, shall be responsible for recommending to the church council the activities, program emphases, and settings for young adults, gather the names and addresses of all college students to send to the campus minister or chaplain of the college or university the students are attending, encourage college students to participate in United Methodist campus ministry, and recommend opportunities for the congregation to support and participate with annual conference campus ministries and annual conference related colleges and universities.