Calendar Item 297

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The Petition was amended to include positive sections from other petitions on the same paragraph.
Amend ¶2543 as follows:
2543. Planning and Financing Requirements for Local Church Buildings-If any local church desires to:
    a) build a new church, a new educational building, or a new parsonage;
b) purchase a church, educational building, or parsonage; or
c) remodel an existing church, an existing educational building, or an existing parsonage where the cost of the remodeling will exceed 10  25 percent of the value of the existing structure or require mortgage financing, then the local church shall first establish a study committee to:
    (1) analyze the needs of the church and community;
(2) -project the potential membership with average attendance;  
(3) -write up the church’s program of ministry (¶¶ 201-204); and
(4) develop an accessibility plan including chancel areas.
--The information and findings obtained by the study committee shall:
      (a) -form the basis of a report to be presented to the charge conference (¶ 2543.3);
(b) be used by the building committee (¶ 2543.4); and
(c) -become a part of the report to the district board of church location and building (¶¶ 2543.5, 2520.1).
  1. After the study committee finishes its work, the local church shall secure the written consent of the pastor and the district superintendent to the building project, purchase proposal, or remodeling project.
2. In the case of a building project or purchase proposal, the local church shall secure the approval of the proposed site by the district board of church location and building as provided in the Discipline (¶ 2519.1).
  3. The charge conference of the local church shall authorize the building project, purchase proposal, or remodeling project at a regular or called meeting. Notice of the meeting and the proposed action shall have been given for not less than ten days prior to the charge conference  thereto from the pulpit of the church, and in its weekly bulletin, newsletter or electronic notice or other means if required or permitted by local law. (except as local laws may otherwise provide) from the pulpit or in the weekly bulletin.