Calendar Item 271

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The Petition is amended as follows:
Replace paragraph 2a as follows:
The Council of Bishops shall have the authority to enter into interim and provisional ecumenical agreements with other Christian bodies, following consultation with and the concurrence of the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious concerns.  However, all agreements of full communion and permanent membership in ecumenical organizations shall be ratified by General Conference, before they become effective.  
Replace 2b as follows: Full communion describes the relationship between two or more Christian churches that
      A. recognize in each other the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic faith as expressed in the Holy Scriptures and confessed in the church's historic creeds;  
       B. recognize the authenticity of each other's Baptism and Eucharist and extend sacramental hospitality to each others members.
      C. recognize the validity of their respective ministries
      D. recognize the full interchangeability and reciprocity of all ordained ministers in each of the churches.
That relationship commits the churches to working together as partners in mission toward fuller visible unity.  A relationship of full communion does not mean there are no differences or distinctions between the churches but does mean that these differences are not church dividing.
The committee recommends to adopt the above.