Calendar Item 183

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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
Delete on p. 1495 beginning with 5th paragraph " Therefore, the 2008 General Conference affirms the work of the Study of Ministry Commission ... to the end of the Petition.
The Council of Bishops, in consultation with GBHEM, GBOD, and GCUIC, establish a Study of Ministry Commission for the 2008-2012 quadrennium with broad and fair representation from the jurisdictional and central conferences, ethnic and cultural constituencies, deacons, elders, local pastors, young people, laity, and the current Study of Ministry Commission. The Council of Bishops is required to work with the General Commission on Religion and Race to assure diversity. This Commission would be under the auspices of, and to be staffed by GBHEM.
The Ministry Study Commission shall be comprised of 28 members which shall include:    

  • 3 bishops
  •     10 full connection elders or clergy commissioned towards elders orders  representing local churches and other contexts of elders’ ministries
  •     5 full connection deacons or clergy commissioned towards deacons orders  representing local churches, service agencies, denominational bodies, and other contexts of ministry
  •    1 diaconal minister
  •     4 Full Time/Part Time Local Pastors
  •     4 laity
  •     1 associate member.
    The Commission members shall consist of at least

  • 7 persons under age 35 (at least 1 deacon, 1 elder, 2 who are currently probationary members and 1 layperson)
  • 2 persons from the central conferences
    • 2 persons from United Methodist schools of theology

    • One quarter from the 2004-2008 commission.
    Ø   In addition, 5 staff representative of GBHEM (at least 1 elder and 1 deacon); 1 staff representative of GBOD and 1 staff representative of CUIC shall participate in the work of the commission in an advisory capacity with voice and no vote
        The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the General Board of Discipleship and the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns prepare a study guide for ongoing study and dialogue based on the Commission’s report and recommended vision, which will provide a process that will engage the lay members of the church, the orders of deacons and elders, the fellowships of local pastors, the bishops and cabinets, the boards of ordained ministry, the central conferences, and the ethnic constituencies in conversations on the ordering of ministry in The Untied Methodist church;
    The General Conference authorize the expenditure of $150,000 for the work of this Commission. Two writers, one elder and one deacon, shall record, report and write for the commission.  The Commission shall report to the 2012 General Conference with legislation addressing the issues before the Commission including the ordering of ministry, the separation of ordination and conference membership and the streamlining of the process leading toward ordained ministry.