Calendar Item 169

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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
Retain the 25 percent and 75 percent language in appropriate disciplinary paragraphs related to the Ministerial Education Fund.
2.  Retain language and amend as follows:
a.  At least 75 percent of the amount received by the divisions shall be distributed to the theological schools of the United Methodist Church on a formula established by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry after consultation with the theological schools.  All monies allocated to the theological schools shall be used for current operations, not for physical expansion.  Ministerial Education Funds allocated to United Methodist theological schools for current operations shall only be used for:
- United Methodist student scholarships
- Faculty and staff salaries and benefits for those who prepare United Methodist students (implementing the curriculum required in paragraph 324.4) for ordained ministry or service as local pastors through the Course of Study program.
All United Methodist theological schools receiving Ministerial Education Fund allocations shall submit annual reports to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry detailing how the Ministerial Education Fund allocations were spent.
c.  Beginning in the 2008-2012 quadrennium, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry shall facilitate the creation of United Methodist Ministerial Education Funds in the Central Conferences, including the development and provision of funds for this new initiative.  The purpose of this initiative is to improve and strengthen the existing indigenous structures for theological education in order to create a sustainable system of education for Central Conference clergy.