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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:

The 1989 United Methodist Hymnal (pg. v) began with these words:
    From the time of John and Charles Wesley, Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren hymnals have constituted the “worship book” of our corporate and private piety and praise.  Hymn singing has been a vital and distinctive component of our worship of God.  From our beginnings we have been “a singing people.”
    Our hymnals serve as instruments by which the spiritual heritage received from the past is celebrated in the present and transmitted to future generations.  Next to the Bible, our hymnals have been our most formative resource.

In 2008, we commend with joyful excitement the creation of a Hymnal Revision Committee, which will bring to the 2012 General Conference consideration of a revised hymnal for our denomination.
A 2012 United Methodist Hymnal will:

Offer a clear expression of hope that The United Methodist Church is growing in its love of God and neighbor to transform the world
  • Recognize the changes that are occurring in music and liturgy throughout our connection
  • Enable United Methodists to sing and worship in ways that honor God and transform persons and congregations toward personal piety and social holiness
  • Hold us together by providing a common language of prayer and song
  • Remember and celebrate our rich Wesleyan (Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren), sacramental, evangelical, and diverse theological traditions
  • Incorporate new expressions of worship in new and revitalized congregations to engage all persons, including new, younger, and diverse people
  • Hold broad appeal across cultural, geographical, age, and congregation settings
  • Incorporate the newest technologies and ways of communicating the music and liturgy of the book
  • Enable everyone to express their own heart-language for God and to hear the heart-language of others
        Throughout its work, the Hymnal Revision Committee shall report regularly to the Board of the United Methodist Publishing House, the General Board of Discipleship, the delegates of the 2008 General Conference, and the whole connection to engage in serious dialogue to ensure that its work reflects the aspirations of our church.
    While the focus of the work of the Hymnal Revision Committee shall be to produce “an official hymnal of The United Methodist Church for congregational use primarily in The United States of America,” this work is also a prologue to additional future work for other regions of the worldwide United Methodist Church.  
    The General Board of Discipleship, in accordance...
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