Calendar Item 155

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The Petition is adopted as amended as follows:
DCA pages 626-627:
Therefore, be it resolved, that the General Board of Discipleship , through the Office of Small Membership Church and Shared Ministries and the Office of Stewardship, and the General Board of Global Ministries, through the Office of Field Service and Finance, be called on to network with the United Methodist Rural Fellowship on the issue of financial development and stewardship education; and
Be it further resolved, that we encourage a new resource packet on stewardship be developed for today's small membership and rural churches; and
Be it further resolved, that we encourage resources be developed for training pastors and lay leadership regarding personal tithing, speaking about stewardship and finances, and negotiating pastoral compensation; and
Be it further resolved, that a leadership team be formed with individuals from the above-named groups to follow through on these concerns.