Discipline ¶905

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  ¶  905. Objectives-The essential functions of the Connectional Table are:
1. To provide a forum for the understanding and implementation of the vision, mission, and ministries of the global church as determined in consultation with the Council of Bishops and/or the actions of the General Conference.
2. To enable the flow of information and communication among annual conferences, jurisdictions, central conferences, general agencies, and the Council of Bishops.  
3. Consistent with actions of the General Conference, to coordinate the program life of the church with the mandates of the gospel, the mission of the church, and the needs of the global community by listening to the expression of needs, addressing emerging issues, and determining the most effective, cooperative, and efficient way to provide optimum stewardship of ministries, personnel, and resources.
4. To review and evaluate the missional effectiveness of general program-related agencies and connectional structures of the church as they collectively seek to aid annual conferences and local churches as they fulfill the mission of The United Methodist Church to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transform the world.  
5. To recommend to the General Conference such changes and implementing legislation as may be appropriate to ensure effectiveness of the general agencies.
6. To provide leadership in planning and research, assisting all levels of the church to evaluate needs and plan strategies to carry out the mission of the church.  
7. In order to be accountable, along with the General Council on Finance and Administration, to The United Methodist Church through the General Conference, the Connectional Table shall have the authority and responsibility in the following matters:
    a. To collaborate with the General Council on Finance and Administration in the preparation of budgets for the apportioned funds (¶ 806), to submit to each quadrennial session of the General Conference budgets of expense for each of the general funds of the church, and to make recommendation regarding all other funding considerations to come before the General Conference.
b. To receive from the General Council on Finance and Administration and approve all general agency budget reviews.
c. To review and approve special offerings and churchwide appeals.  
d. To monitor the tenure of General Secretaries to ensure
the proper implementation of the rule limiting service to 12 years
(¶ 714.1).