Discipline ¶818

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Financial Appeals Beyond the General Funds
818. Special Churchwide Financial Appeals-1. Any general appeal to the Church at large for financial support for any cause, agency, institution, or purpose shall be subject to the provisions of this paragraph. Appeals to special or limited groups such as alumni of an educational institution are not included.
2. Any general board, cause, agency, or institution or any organization, group, officer, or individual of The United Methodist Church or to which The United Methodist Church contributes financial support desiring or proposing to make a special churchwide financial appeal during the quadrennium shall present a request for authorization to make such appeal to the General Council on Finance and Administration at the time budgets for the ensuing quadrennium are being considered. All such appeals shall be reviewed by the Connectional Table, and its actions shall be reported to the General Council on Finance and Administration. The council shall then report such request to the General Conference with a recommendation for its action thereon.
  3. In the interim between the quadrennial sessions of the General Conference, such proposed churchwide financial appeal shall require the approval of the General Council on Finance and Administration and the Council of Bishops. In case of emergency, the executive committee of either of these bodies may act in such matter for the body itself, but only by a three-fourths vote.
  4. All requests for approval of a special churchwide financial appeal, whether as a request for General Conference action or in the interim between sessions of General Conference, shall include a proposed budget for a  promotion of the appeal, including proposed promotional expenditures and the sources of funding (see ¶ 1806.12).
5. Any individual or agency authorized to make a churchwide appeal for funds shall channel all gifts through the General Council on Finance and Administration.
6. The General Council on Finance and Administration may withhold payment of the allocation from any general fund to any agency or institution that it finds to be in violation of the provisions of this paragraph.