Discipline ¶808

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  ¶  808. Conference Payments of Apportioned Funds-1. The treasurer of the General Council on Finance and Administration shall, not less than ninety days prior to the session of each annual conference or as soon thereafter as practical, transmit to the presiding bishop thereof, to the president of the conference council on finance and administration, and to the conference treasurer a statement of the apportionments to the conference for the World Service Fund, the General Administration Fund, the Episcopal Fund, the Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, the Ministerial Education Fund, the Black College Fund, the Africa University Fund, and such other funds as may have been apportioned by the General Conference.  
2. The treasurer shall keep an account of all amounts remitted by the conference treasurers and from other sources intended for the funds listed in ¶ 810.1 and any other fund so directed by the proper authority, and shall disburse the same as authorized by the General Conference and directed by the council. A separate account shall be kept of each such fund, and none of them shall be drawn on for the benefit of another fund.
3. If more than the amount approved by the General Conference for a fund total, or for a line item within a fund total, is received in any given year, the excess funds shall be held in trust by the council in an apportionment stabilization fund. All monies placed in such a fund shall be considered as fund balances restricted by the General Conference to the fund(s) or line item(s) in which the surplus occurred. They shall be held by the council until such time as shortfalls in such receipts occur during the same quadrennium, at which time they shall be released to compensate for the shortfalls. If undistributed funds remain in an apportionment stabilization fund at the end of the quadrennium, the council shall recommend, for action by the next General Conference, the disposition of any remaining fund balances, provided that those recommendations shall be consistent with the purposes for which the funds were raised.